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HOLD YOUR SPOT (HYS) Terms & Conditions


ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS & CONDITIONS:  The following Terms & Conditions shall apply to the HOLD YOUR SPOT (HYS) offer, which grants participants exclusive priority access to accommodations on the Island Sea Fest LLC’s (ISF) Trinidad Carnival Cruise (TCC). By participating in HYS, you expressly agree to be bound by and accept the HYS terms and conditions issued by ISF TCC as outlined below.


HYS FEE: $350 HYS payment/pp, entitles the primary participant early access to reserve accommodations on the ISF TCC, scheduled on Royal Caribbean Cruise Line’s (RCCL), sailing date to be determined. The HYS fee will be payable in two installments of $175 each. One installment will be due upon the completion of the HYS promotion, and the remaining balance of $175 will be due no later than 30 days after the first installment.


HYS PROGRAM: $350 HYS fee entitles each primary participant early access to book ONE stateroom on the ISF TCC. All HYS fees will be converted into credit(s) attached to the email address associated with the participant(s) email address/account. Participants will be regularly emailed with updates/information and will be informed of the launch date no later than 7-days before we open the reservation system to HYS priority access members. Once ISF FCC launches, subject to completion of full payment of the HYS fee, the primary participant shall be provided a secure e-booking link and a unique access code via the email address used to register their account during the HYS offer process.


The primary participant is required to complete a reservation within 72-hours of receipt of the e-booking link and unique access code. After 72-hours, all priority reservations system access privileges shall expire.


At the time of booking, HYS credits will be applied towards the cost of the reservation beginning with the deposit(s). Should a HYS credit balance occur after the participant(s) reservation deposit is paid, the remaining HYS credit(s) will be applied towards the participant(s) remaining reservation balance. Should ISF TCC sell out before the 72-hour priority booking window, the participant(s) will be entitled to a full refund for the HYS fee(s). Cabins are sold on a first come, first serve basis to all HYS participants based on tier level, which takes priority, or the time the HYS booking was completed in the system, therefore ISF TCC cannot be held responsible should a desired cabin type, location, become unavailable within the 72-hour priority access timeframe. After 72-hours, ISF reserves the right to open the TCC reservation system to the public.


CANCELLATIONS & REFUNDS: Once a participant has accessed the reservation system and a full reservation has been completed, all HYS Fees become 100% NON-REFUNDABLE; no exceptions.


A participant(s) who has not completed a full reservation and who otherwise wishes to cancel or seek a refund of their HYS fee(s), must do so by emailing  Help@IslandSeaFestTrinidad.com with the subject “HYS Cancellation Request.” All cancelled HYS fees shall be subject to a $120 administrative fee per person, which will help cover the processing costs to complete a cancellation.


If TCC is withdrawn, cancelled by ISF and/or RCCL, HYS participants shall be entitled to a full refund of the amount(s) received by ISF to date. ISF is not responsible for refunding any payments made towards other travel accommodations i.e., flight, car rental, hotel, insurance, etc. ISF cannot refund a different person, and cannot offer a refund to a different card, or account, than the one listed on the original payment, no exceptions.


PAYMENT: All prices quoted by ISF, and any fees associated, shall be in U.S. dollars. All payments to ISF shall be charged in U.S. dollars.  ISF is not responsible for international fees assessed by the participants bank, or credit card processor. ISF reserves the right to charge additional fees for returned payments, canceled cards, chargebacks, credit card changes, invalid credit cards and cancellations ($120 pp) as a result of participant’s failure to comply with these terms and conditions.


AGE RESTRICTION: Participants must be 21-years of age, or older when the ISF TCC sets sail.


RCL TERMS & CONDITIONS: Additionally, upon completion of a reservation, participants shall be subject to the terms and conditions of Royal Caribbean Group. Further details shall be provided at time of booking, but can also be viewed in advance here. Vessel, Itinerary and Sailing Dates are subject to change.


PUBLIC HEALTH: Participants agree to comply with any and all public health requirements imposed by Royal Caribbean Group, the Centers for Disease Control or any other entities having authority over the TCC.  Further Details to be provided at the time of booking but can also be viewed in advance here.


COMMUNICATIONS: By creating an account with ISF, the participant agrees to subscribe to all newsletters, marketing, promotional materials and/or other ISF communications. However, you may opt out at any time by following the ‘unsubscribe link’ located at the bottom of our email communications.


LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: The Terms and Conditions of the HYS Program and any subsequent bookings entered into with ISF are subject to change at any time. ISF bears no responsibility for acts of third parties it does not own or control.


The information contained herein is valid as of the date you opted into the HYS and will be updated and supplemented regularly prior to sailing. All participating guests should periodically visit the website www.IslandSeaFestTrinidad.com to learn of any cruise updates, special programs or other features and carefully read any updates sent by ISF in regard to TCC.


CONTACT US: You can refer to the HYS FAQs here [insert link for the HYS FAQs]. If you have any questions about these Terms and Conditions, please contact us at: Help@IslandSeaFestTrinidad.com and one of our helpful support staff members will be happy to assist you with any questions and/or concerns.

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