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Do you have more information regarding the cruise line, ship, line-up, and general pricing for TCC 2023?

  1. We are proud to partner with Royal Caribbean Cruise Line’s for the first-ever cruise to Trinidad during the most anticipated event in the Caribbean, Trinidad Carnival. 
  2. TCC patrons will be sailing on the beautiful Voyager of the Seas.  
  3. We are sailing from San Juan, Puerto Rico on February 15th, 2021 and arriving in Trinidad on February 17th, 2021.  
  4. The ship will remain docked in Trinidad from February 17th- 22nd, 2021 and act as a private “floating hotel,” where registered guests will have access to come and go as they participate in the largest event the Caribbean has to offer.   
  5. TCC will depart from Trinidad on February 22nd, 2021 and visit 3 additional amazing ports. Tobago, as well as Barbados and St. Lucia
  6. Though TCC will have onboard entertainment (TBA), the primary focus is on Trinidad Carnival 2023 and the incredible events taking place. TCC will also host both onboard events, as well as land-based events in each port of call after leaving Trinidad. 

What does ‘all-inclusive’ mean?

TCC will be an all-inclusive event, which means the base cruise fare, taxes/fees/gratuities, premium beverage packages*, meals**, WIFI, travel insurance****, and access to all onboard events*** will be included. 

*optional alcoholic beverages up to $13 will be included, anything priced over this margin will be charged to the guest directly 

**optional food at specialty restaurants is not included 

***optional premium VIP land-based events will incur an additional fee 

****optional upgrade to C.F.A.R. [cancel for any reason] directly with the insurance carrier for an additional fee 

TCC’s cruise fare does not include airfare, hotel stays before/after the cruise, event passes for Trinidad Carnival events, costumes, road march access, dining at specialty restaurants onboard, meals/beverage on land, spa/ salon treatments, purchases made in any shipboard, or land-based boutiques/shops, casino, shore excursions, onboard revenue activities.  

What is Hold Your Spot (HYS)?

The $350/pp HYS offer grants participants advanced priority access to reserve one cabin on the Island Sea Fest’s - Trinidad Carnival Cruise 2023 reservations system. 

How long will the HYS Offer run?

The HYS offer will run until all HYS slots have been purchased, or until August 21st, 2021, whichever comes first. 

What is Hold Your Spot VIP?

$350/pp standard HYS participants will have the option in our HYS system to upgrade to one of our amazing Diamond, Platinum or Gold VIP programs for a small upgrade fee.  

  1.  Diamond Upgrade  Fee: +$300/pp  
  2.  Platinum Upgrade  Fee: +$200/pp  
  3.  Gold Upgrade  Fee: +$100/pp  

Is there a payment plan for the Hold Your Spot offers?

Yes. ISF is offering a two-installment plan program for the HYS fee. $175/pp first installment is due at the time the HYS offer is executed, on, or after July 21st, 2021, and the final $175/pp payment is due on, or no later than August 21st, 2021. Final HYS payments not manually processed before August 21st, 2021 at 5 pm EST, will be automatically processed using the card on file. All payments can be made in our secure system using a credit, or debit card.  

HYS who upgrade to our optional Diamond, Platinum or Gold VIP packages will incur a higher installment plan breakdown. The first installment is due at the time the HYS VIP offer is executed, on, or after July 21st, 2021, and the final payment is due on, or no later than August 21st, 2021. Final HYS payments not manually processed before August 21st, 2021 at 5 pm EST, will be automatically processed using the card on file. All payments can be made in our secure system using a credit, or debit card. 

  1. Diamond Upgrade Payment Breakdown:  $325 x 2 installments 
  2. Platinum Upgrade Payment Breakdown:  $275 x 2 installments 
  3. Gold Upgrade Payment Breakdown:  $225 x 2 installments 

What information will I need to complete my HYS profile(s)?

You will need the following required information for all participants: 

  1.  First Name [as it appears in your travel docs] 
  2.  Last Name [as it appears in your travel docs] 
  3.  Email Address 
  4.  Phone Number 
  5.  DOB 
  6.  Country of Citizenship [as stated in your travel docs] 
  7.  U.S. Resident? Y/N 
  8.  Mailing Address [optional] 
  9.  Emergency Contact [optional] 

Will I need to add all of the future reservation participants in at the time I complete the HYS offer?

Although it is not required, we strongly advise adding all participants for the future TCC reservation in a the time the HYS offer is completed. The HYS primary can always add their guests during the future reservations process, however, adding the guest(s) in advance cuts down on the future reservation’s final completion time. Please note that all HYS participants will have to complete their HYS fee payment in accordance with the HYS installment plan breakdown. 

What if I am unsure of who I am traveling with, or I am traveling alone?

If you are traveling alone, from the main HYS offer page you can select “1 guest” from the guest options, however, keep in mind that for your future reservation you’ll need to pay the full double occupancy rate, OR add at least one other guest to meet the double occupancy minimum, OR participate in our Cabinmate Match. 

Once we launch the full reservations system, those who opted for "1 guest" during the Hold Your Spot offer will have the option to enter into our Cabinmate Match system. Island Sea Fest will find a cabin-mate of the same gender to pair you with. Each cabinmate will have their own separate reservation and be responsible for their own payments. Please note that due to the privacy and safety of our patrons, we cannot publicly share a cabinmate's information and you will meet your assigned cabin-mate once onboard the cruise. 

keywords: roommate 

Can I add-in additional ‘Hold Your Spot’ participants at a later date after I have already completed my HYS offer?

Yes, we can certainly add in additional HYS participants to an already existing HYS offer, keeping in mind that once added, we cannot create a stand-alone HYS offer for any guests already attached to an existing HYS offer. No additional participant(s) can be added after August 15th, 2021, at 5 pm EST. Please keep in mind that adding guests is based on availability and legal room occupancy minimums. Please contact for further assistance.  

If I added participants to my ‘Hold Your Spot’ offer and they would now like their own stateroom, can I remove them from my HYS to create their own HYS?

Although we understand changes are inevitable, special requests such as splitting an existing HYS into various parts, and/or removing HYS participants from one HYS into their own HYS are subject to manager approval. All special requests should be directed to where a member of our team will assess the request and do everything possible to further assist the participant(s).  

When will the ‘Hold your Spot’ fee be credited to my account?

Once we close the HYS offer on August 21st, 2021, all fee payments will be converted into a HYS credit that is attached to the purchaser’s account via the email address that they used to register within our system.  

Can ‘Hold Your Spot’ credits be transferred to others?

Please note that we cannot transfer HYS credits to anyone not already listed on the HYS offer after the HYS offer closes on August 21st, 2021. Participants already listed within an existing HYS offer can share credits between themselves upon approval. Although we understand changes are inevitable, special requests such as transferring HYS credits to others are subject to manager approval. All special requests should be directed to where a member of our team will assess the request and do everything possible to further assist the participant(s). 

How will I know when to complete my Trinidad Carnival Cruise stateroom reservation?

HYS primary participants will be regularly emailed with updates/information, and will be informed of the launch date no later than 7-days before we open the reservation system to HYS priority access. ISF will email any and all launch dates/times, as well as necessary steps to successfully complete a reservation within the TCC reservation’s system. 

How do I access the Trinidad Carnival Cruise reservations site?

Only participants who completed their full HYS fee payment(s) no later than August 21st, 2021, will have priority booking access into the reservation system. The primary participant shall be provided a secure e-booking link and a unique access code via the email address used to register their account during the HYS offer process. 

How long will ‘Hold Your Spot’ participants have advanced priority access into the Trinidad Carnival Cruise reservations system?

The primary participant is required to complete a reservation within 72-hours of receipt of the e-booking link and unique access code. After 72-hours, all priority reservations system access privileges shall expire and ISF TCC reserves the right to open the reservations system to the public for general bookings. 

How will Island Sea Fest email e-booking links and unique access codes to all ‘Hold Your Spot’ participants?

Our system will generate a secure report sorted by HYS offer type, then each sub-section will be sorted by the official timestamp of when the primary participant completed their HYS in our system. ISF will launch to Diamond HYS VIPs first, then Platinum HYS VIPs, then Gold HYS VIPs and finally standard HYS. Starting with Diamond HYS VIPS, they will have 1-hour to complete their booking, before the booking links and unique access codes are emailed to the next section in queue; the same outline applies for Platinum, Gold and Standard. All 4 sections will have 72-hours to complete their reservation before the system is opened to the public.  

What is the ‘e-booking link’?

ISF will email all fully paid participants with an e-booking link to the email address on file within our system. Once the link is sent, participants will have 72-hours to complete their reservation using the link and unique access code. After 72-hours, your HYS advanced priority access will expire, and you will miss the opportunity to book prior to general bookings. 

What is the ‘unique access code’?

All HYS primary participants will be assigned a unique access code that is automatically generated and attached to the participant’s email address in our system. Once we launch TCC, all HYS primary participants will be able to use their codes to access the system for 72-hours before it is opened to the general public. Access codes can only be used by person it is assigned to via the email address it is attached to in our system. Unique access codes are non-transferable; No special exemptions will be made. 

Will I still be required to leave a reservation deposit once I complete my reservation?

The HYS credit is not to be confused with a reservation deposit. At the time of booking, each participant’s HYS credit will be applied towards their portion of cost of the reservation beginning with the required deposit(s)/pp. Should a HYS credit balance occur after the participant(s) reservation deposit is paid, the remaining HYS credit amount will be applied towards the participant’s remaining reservation balance and be taken into consideration as a credit towards the first installment payment. Should the participant’s HYS credit not cover the reservation’s deposit amount, the balance of a deposit(s) will be required at the time of booking.  

The deposit amount required will be based on the type of stateroom chosen as listed below: 

  1.  Interior =  $350/pp  
  2.  Oceanview =  $450/pp 
  3.  Balcony =  $550/pp 
  4.  Suite =  $650/pp 
  5.  Grand/Royal Suites =$750/pp 

Example: During the reservations process you choose an Oceanview stateroom, which requires a $450/pp deposit. Attached to your profile you have a $350 HYS credit, which would be applied toward the stateroom deposit.  $450 stateroom deposit - $350 HYS fee = $100 USD deposit balance to complete your official TCC reservation. The remaining reservation installment payments will be calculated once the HYS credit and all deposits have been applied/paid.  

Once Trinidad Carnival Cruise is fully launched, will payment plans be offered?

Yes. ISF’s goal is to make this amazing adventure as affordable therefore will offer convenient payment plans. Participants who book during the HYS priority window, or during general bookings within the first month of the TCC launch, will have the maximum allotted 18-months of installments, which offers the most affordable plans available.  

If participants need longer to pay, or prefer to pay after the cruise? Stay tuned for payment partner information offering a variety of plans. 

What are the future base rates for a stateroom onboard Trinidad Carnival Cruise?

At this time, a general basic outline has been released, (see below), and ISF is working as quickly as possible to finalize the most affordable and competitive rates. This information will be released to all HYS participants prior to the full reservations system launch. 

Final total stateroom costs are calculated based on the following variables: stateroom type, stateroom deck, stateroom location, and the number of guests traveling as legally allowed by maximum occupancy guidelines.  

Keyword: Price

What if I have a ‘Hold Your Spot’ credit and Trinidad Carnival Cruise sells out before I am able to complete my reservation?

If you have a HYS credit and should ISF TCC sell out before the 72-hour priority booking window, or before September 2nd, 2021, the participant(s) will be entitled to a full refund for the HYS fee(s) and the $120 administrative fee per person will be waived. Staterooms are sold on a first come, first serve basis to all HYS participants based on tier level, which takes priority, or the time the HYS booking was completed in the system, therefore ISF TCC cannot be held responsible should a desired cabin type, or location, become unavailable within the 72-hour priority access timeframe. After 72-hours, ISF reserves the right to open the TCC reservation system to the general public. 

If I complete a HYS offer payment, will I be able to cancel it later on?

Should you, or any of the HYS participants, wish to cancel, you MUST do so by contacting us at no later than September 1st, 2021 at 5 pm EST. Processing of a HYS cancellation request will be completed within 14-21- business days, and the participant(s) will receive a refund, minus a $120 administrative fee per person, which will help cover the processing costs to complete a cancellation.  Once an HYS participant receives the e-booking link/ unique access code and executes an official reservation, the HYS fee becomes 100% NON-REFUNDABLENo special exemptions will be made. 

ISF is not responsible for refunding any payments made towards other travel accommodations i.e. flight, car rental, hotel, insurance, etc. ISF cannot refund a different person, and cannot offer a refund to a different card, or account, than the one listed on the original payment; No special exemptions will be made. 

If TCC is cancelled by ISF and/or RCCL, HYS participants shall be entitled to a full refund of the amount(s) received by ISF to date. 

What is Royal Caribbean’s updated general health & safety / Covid-19 policy?

RCCL partnered with experts in medicine and science to guide the development of comprehensive protocols to protect you and the ones you love. They are also working with local health authorities in the homeport countries to ensure our guests meet current inbound travel requirements. They are continually evaluating these protocols and will make updates as public health standards evolve. Please visit RCCL’s Healthy Sail Center here for more information and the most recent updates. 

Who can we contact for assistance with booking an airline flight?

For the best rates on flights, you can contact our experienced travel partner Omega World TravelDon't forget to mention "SEAFEST" for the most-affordable flights. 

You can call one of their flight travel specialists at 1-800-582-1048 or use their convenient online contact page here. 

How do I partner with Island Sea Fest Trinidad Carnival Cruise?

We would love to work with you, but first, we kindly request that you fill out our vendor partnership form. Please keep in mind that submission does not guarantee approval, however once you successfully submit the form, one of our helpful customer support team members will review your application. 

Vendor Partnership Form 

While we are docked in Trinidad, will we be able to enter and exit the ship at our leisure?

Yes! Once the ship docks in Port of Spain and we are granted clearance from the local port authorities, the ship will become a stationary "floating hotel" where all registered passengers will be able to enter and exit at their leisure. We take the safety and security of our guests very seriously so only registered passengers will be allowed to enter/exit with a valid government-issued ID AND their stateroom key. The same rules apply for Tobago, Barbados, and St. Lucia.

How do we contact Island Sea Fest Trinidad?

We'd love to hear from you! Please feel free to send us an email,

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